Plainville High School Students Honored With “Student Rocks Award”
Posted on 05/19/2023
Plainville High School students Tamara Greene, Andrew West,  and  Bobby Wright  have been named recipients of the second semester “Student Rocks Award” recognizing their outstanding contributions to Plainville High School. 

The Student Rocks Award was established by three teachers in 2010 as a way to honor those students who “do the right thing” every day without looking for acknowledgement. Once a semester, teachers nominate and then vote for  students they believe are worthy of this award. The students are honored, along with their family members and guests, at a staff meeting where they are awarded a book and presented with the Student Rocks plaque where their names are engraved. This plaque is displayed in the school’s awards showcase. It reads: “awarded to students who assume responsibility for their positive contributions to the school and community.” Faculty and staff comments submitted for the winning nominations are also shared during the awards presentation. 

Greene, a junior, was nominated by staff members Oneda Lamont, Ryan O’Connell and Emily Wasley.   

“Tamara is not afraid to be challenged or to challenge others. She is an incredibly supportive classmate and always finds ways to bring joy to her class. She has a wealth of knowledge that adds depth to a class lesson, but also possesses a genuine curiosity to know more.  These attributes as well as her athletic abilities, love of art and amazing personality make her a true “Renaissance Woman,” noted Ryan O’Connell.

West, a senior, was nominated by  staff members Suzanne Nord, Sarah Centore,  and Deb Pikiell. 

“Throughout the years I have known Andrew, I have been in awe of his ability to set lofty goals and his strength and perseverance to achieve them.  He takes on all life has to offer with a smile and a positive attitude. He is a truly deserving recipient of the Student Rocks Award,” noted Pikiell.

Wright, a junior, was nominated by staff members Christina Roy, Sarah Centore, and Kevin Szydlo. 

“Wherever Bobby goes, whether in the classroom or in the halls, he brings good vibes with him, and I think that’s something that will be so incredibly valuable to any team or community he wants to be a part of. I was ecstatic to see Bobby was chosen as one of our Student Rocks recipients, and I know that this is just one of many great achievements that he will have in his life,” noted Szydlo.
Tamara, Andrew and Bobby were honored on May 17th during a high school faculty meeting.

“I truly feel honored to be a part of continuing the tradition of the Student Rocks Award program. It is rewarding to see these students chosen and honored by the faculty for being such a positive presence at PHS. I did not personally know any of the three recipients this semester, but am in awe over the impression that they have had on the faculty. Sincerely a testament to their character, and their families should be very proud to have raised amazing young adults,” said PHS faculty member and Student Rocks Program Co-Coordinator, Eileen Hebert.

"We distribute this award twice a year with nominations in the winter and spring. All three of these current winners were nominated in the winter this year --- each by a different teacher than who nominated them for this round. Although they did not “win” in the winter, I think this is important to note because that means they are consistent in their kindness, work ethic, and contributions to this school building. This means that the faculty members they’ve interacted with in this building have continuously walked away from those interactions feeling either inspired, happy, or proud to call them their student. I am so excited to give these three students the recognition they deserve,” noted PHS faculty member and Student Rocks Program Co-Coordinator, Mikayla Wells.

“The Student Rocks award is one of the most prestigious and in my opinion, best awards a student can earn at PHS. It recognizes the impact these students have had on our school culture. The three students honored this semester embody what we hope for from all of our Blue Devils at PHS. Our faculty could not have chosen three better recipients of this award,” said Plainville High School Principal, Carl Johnson.

“This is one of my favorite programs at PHS because it honors those often intangible and immeasurable qualities that simply make a person positively unique, a pleasure to be around, and someone who makes life better for everyone around them. I have gotten to know each of these award recipients, and can’t think of any better models of what this award is intended to recognize more than Tamara, Andrew and Bobby. What an all-star group! All three of these role models have truly made an impact on others, and they have made PHS a better place. They are each absolutely worthy of this honor, and all the praise and positive attention it brings. I also want to thank all of the teachers and school staff who make this award and event possible, because it is important to stop and recognize those who simply make our world better,” said Superintendent of Schools, Steven LePage.